What’s your favorite episode of Doctor Who (and why)?

Definitely Blink.  Like by a mile.  I liked this episode for a lot of reasons.  For one, I think the Weeping Angels are the cleverest of all the Who villains.  They’re this absolutely evil creatures who are doomed to live all alone for their entire lives.  They’re also the scariest villain because they don’t actually kill you.  They trap you somewhere in time.  They kill you by letting you live a long life, just not when you’re meant to.

And I mean, every time I’m near a statue nowadays I’m always checking to see if it’s been moving when no one was looking.  The attack faces of the angels are just…. haunting.  They look so peaceful and beautiful at first, but then they have these teeth… and their faces are all twisted up in anger.  You can see that they just hate everything.

But then our heroes for this episode are just normal every day people.  Sally Sparrow is just a girl who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.  She wasn’t even involved with The Doctor.

This is just my favorite episode for a lot of reasons.  Brilliant writing, brilliant acting, full of suspense and the ending is perfect.

Always my favorite episode.